11.5 More Things

SBISD has NO plans to have a 2011 Summer session.

Welcome to more play. We have moved from the playground to the beach for a wider array of tools with which to play. The premise is the same. This blog outlines some activities designed to expose you to some tools, but the learning comes from your playing with the tools and reflecting in your blog how the tools can be used in education. We make no apologies that we approach all these tools from a Library perspective. We believe the Library is a big classroom connected to specific objectives in the classroom much like the water of the seas are connected to the beaches of the world.

11.5 More Things is an extension of the 23 Things you played at Library2Play. Whereas Library2Play was an introduction and overview to current web 2.0 and tools for student product creation, 11.5 More Things or Library2Play 2 is more applications of some of the more powerful cloud computing tools implied from the 23 Things. You NEED to create samples of many of the Things to be on application level.

Be sure to remember what you learned with 23 Things as you play with 11.5 More Things including commenting on other players blogs. See what they have learned in their play.

We have picked 11.5 More Things to learn that we think will be most useful in helping our students create and communicate their new learning. Many more new things exist that are not covered here. We have listed others at the More More Things Page. During the process or after you finish, be sure to explore the More More Things.

Summer 2010 Session
Start Date: Monday, June 7, 2010
All blogs posts must be on or after this date.

Completion Deadline: Monday, August 9, 2010 at 11:59 pm.

For Spring Branch Employees only -- If finished by August 9th Spring Branch employees will receive 12 hours off-contract PDLC credit. PDLC course # 1671.13480

For out-of-district players -- If you finish by August 9th, you will receive a certificate indicating the completion of the learning opportunity activities.

Face-to-Face (F2F) Sun Burn Clinics
Come and play together (for no extra credit) at the SBISD Media Center from 9;00-3:00 on these dates only:
Tuesday, June 22nd
Wednesday, July 7th
Thursday, July 15th
Tuesday, July 20th
Lifeguards and some Beach Patrolers will be available for help during these come-and-go sessions. Beachcombers will help each other as well!

From 23 Things we know that managing passwords can be difficult. You might want to consider a free account with a password managing website. One discussed on LM_NET (a national school Librarian listserv) was Others can be found by doing a Google search on password manager.

Ready! Set! Jump in! Begin here.

Thing #1 = Inspiration and Registration

Thing #2 = Wordle or Wordshift, Glogster or VoiceThread, Animoto or Voki, and Bookr

Thing #3 = video web connecting (Skype or UStream or something) videoconferencing

Thing #4 = Posting to YouTube or TeacherTube

Thing #5 = Twitter and Facebook and Tinychat or TodaysMeet (microblogging/backchanneling)

Thing #6 = I-touch Apps

Thing #7 = TV sources, Hulu, etc…

Thing #8 = Screen capture - Jing, Camtasia type sites, but for free

Thing #9 = Sharing - SlideShare, iGoogle, and other similar sites for sharing slides, programs, etc.

Thing #10 = Virtual Worlds - Second Life, Gaming

Thing #11 = Digital Citizenship

Thing #11.5 = Evaluation

Other Information

More More Things