Thing #1 Registration

Watch this video. We want our students to be able to create videos like this. We want our teachers to facilitate this kind of learning.

The Networked Student; The Movie
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For Thing #1 - Post you thoughts about the student, the video, and the teacher and her role. Can a Librarian play the role depicted in the video?


Also, you MUST register your blog with the Library2Play 2 Team.
Email with:
1. Blog name/title of your blog. YES you may use your 23 Things blog or a new blog!
2. Your name as you are known in your blog--YOUR blog identity.
3. Your blog address which will look like:

Until you do this, you are not officially a player and are not eligible for credit or certificate.

If you are a SBISD employee and wish to receive the 12 hours of professional development off-contract hours, you must be registered on PDLC. If you have problems registering on PDLC for this course, contact The PDLC course is # 1671.13480.

You must record your progress on each of the 11.5 More Things on your blog. Clearly identify each THING in the title of your entries. Each Thing needs to be written in a separate blog posting. Please do not combine Things!

Your blog name is in the title bar.

Your blog address will have this form:
insertname represents the part of the address you created when you set up your blog.

******IMPORTANT Until you contact you are not officially playing and will not receive credit. The Lifeguards MUST receive your information for you to be added to the Players' roster. You will also receive an official "welcome" email to indicate that you are registered.

Next - Thing #2!


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