Thing #6 iTouch Apps

This will be a slightly different Thing in that it involves getting your hands on some hardware. If you do not have an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad then you will need to borrow one or you can go to the nearest Apple Store and actually play with theirs for a while. If you have an iPhone or an iTouch then you will probably have already done these things and will be able to teach us in your post. The iTouch is part of the web 3.0 which involves much of web 2.0 but on mobile devices.

Read through the posts below. Then do 2 things:
1. Download some educational apps to an iTouch (or find some good visual directions on how to download apps to an iTouch).
2. Create a list of ways to use the iTouch in the Library by multiple students (that is different than an iTouch being assigned to students).

Why an iPod Touch in education?
Nice blog post about some great apps for the iTouch. Some very good lists of Apps for education. Made note that an iTouch can hold 140 Apps.
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Top 100 Free iPhone Applications - Pinch Media - powered by FeedBurner
Pinch media delivers the top free apps for iphones every day. This is their feed. Be warned that on any day 10% of the suggestions are probably not appropriate for education. that does not prevent this site from being very useful. You would use this site to find Apps that you might want on your iTouch. Then go to the iTouch and download those free Apps that you want. Once the iTouch is in your hand, you do not have to be bothered by the non-educational Apps.
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Watch video Review of iPod Touch about students who used the iTouch for some of their Flatclassroom projects.
This post on Cloud Computing gives some background as to why an iTouch can really do all the things it can do.
Some information about what Abilene CU is doing with iTouch's

FeedBooks: Help
Feedbooks: Recently added
You can get so many books on your iphone/iTouch - just get the stanza app and then sign up for a feedbooks account to set everything up. This is great!
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Using Google as a *free* MobileMe alternative (with push contacts & calendar) Beau Giles
This looks exceptionally useful for a single user of an iTouch. I don't think it will be two useful for multi-users as we will have in the Library unless the Library has a Google Calendar (which is not too bad of an idea).
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How to get ebooks downloaded to your iPod.


Originally this Thing was going to explore Wikipedia, but because of mischief students, the IP address from Spring Branch Schools has been blocked from editing articles at Wikipedia until April of 2010. You may be able to edit at home, but the purpose for learning is to have your students edit. There are probably hundreds of other speciality versions of Wikipedia that you might explore and even have your students edit. But for now we are switching this thing to iTouch Apps. Below are the posts gathered in preparation for the Wikipedia Thing. Enjoy as an extra!

A summary post by Stephen Abram at Stephen's Lighthouse called "The Battle Continues" gives some information about the history and accuracy of Wikipedia.

A similar article is introduced by Library Stuff: Face facts: where Britannica ruled, Wikipedia has conquered.

See if you can find the article or post that states 54% of all Americans go to Wikipedia first for facts.

Now that hopefully we can accept that Wikipedia is a viable tool, let's expereince the creation or editing of a Wikipedia article.

First go to the Community Portal. Spend some time looking at all the requests for collaboration in expanding and editing Wikipedia. Scroll way down to the last section and look on the right column. Click on What Wikipedia is not and take a look.


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