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Creating Wiki’s Wikispaces, pbwiki, powerpoints about Wiki’s
iTouch applications creating a website

The Next Hot Web 2.0 WebsitesWebsites such as Yelp, StumbleUpon, imeem, Veoh, WeeWorld and Piczo could represent the next wave of popular Web 2.0 websites. The websites are already popular among early adopters by cross referencing the Hitwise Lifestyle Segmentation data from groups such as Young and Digerati, Money and Brains and Bohemian Mix. The websites all over indexed among these groups compared to Internet average of all US websites.


  1. Another tool for picture shareing:

    For podcasts:

    Read the Words (along the lines of Voki):

    Edmodo (microblogging for students):

    Comic strip generator:

    Useful for projects that involve creating floorplans:

    Quiz creator:

    From my wiki summer camp. Many of these we have used, but there are a couple of new ones:

  2. Thanks for sharing. That to build timelines is something we will look into for our school.