Thing #7 Video Resources

Creating and sharing video has become an essential ingredient of the 2.0 world. Because of the ease of the cameras and software available, creating video products AND using video products have become essential parts of the school day as well.

Anyone can create a video and has many places to upload it for viewing. Even the commercial producers of video have decided that sharing their products is a good thing!

Of course, that brings up the question of copyright and fair use. Is it OK to use things found on the web? If the creator uses the Creative Commons licensing, the answer is a little simpler. Take a look at this video that discusses the idea of fair use and what that entails.
Remix Culture: Fair Use Is Your Friend

Here is the documentation on fair use that is related to the above video.
Here are some FAQs about fair use and video.

Here are several sources to use in searching for educationally useful videos. Check them out and see what you can find for your library and classroom needs. Be sure and note the licensing and restrictions!

Includes individual videos and collections such as Black Holes, Dark Mysteries, National Geographic specials,

The world's largest search engine for video - over 35 million hours of video since 2004!
What about How to Make a Lava Lamp from the Kids collection or Waterproof Sand from the Environment collection.

National Archives Video Collections
historical films converted to video on the topics of Space Flight History, WWII Newsreels, and Dept. of Interior films, especially those of 1930s work projects.
[Just since this activity was created, apparantly these videos were permanetly moved to a Youtube channel for the NARA. The link now reflects that new location. Of course, currently that means they will not be available in district unless they are converted using something like Zamzar.]

PBS Video
collections such as Nature, American Experience, Nova,
Time Team America is a new series of videos starting this summer that showcase archaeological digs around the country like this one in North Carolina. background information
Check out this piece on the creation of tornado-like conditions or from Africa.

Videos for the youngest viewers in the crowd. Parental approval!

Google Video Search
Google Video Blog

Joyce Valenza has an extensive list of video resources on her web page including info about this new video source NeoK12.

Here is another list of video search engines.

For your blog posting, select two videos from any of these sources and discuss how you would be able to use them in your library or classroom. Do you have any additional sources of videos that your have found on the web. Tell us about them!

P.S. If it is possible to embed the video in your blog, remember you have to copy the code and switch to the Edit Html tab before pasting.


  1. I could not open any of the videos from the National Archives Video Collections. Did anyone else have this problem?

  2. The embed directions just takes me to the district homepage...

  3. You probably already figured this out but I believe it says above that the National Archive videos need to be converted with Zamzar 1st (see link above.
    To embed, just find the little window that says "html", copy it and paste it in your blog under the "Edit html" tab.

  4. I could not open either of the links after the video-it said page not found.

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