Thing #11 Digital Citizenship

Pick 3 or so of the articles below and study them. Then think about what 5 things you might tell your students as part of Library orientation to encourage them to be good digital citizens.

1. One approach to digital citizenship resides at the Digiteen Digital Citizenship Wiki. Delve into the topics in the left margin. These topic titles come from the book 'Digital Citizenship in Schools' by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey.

2. Cool Cat Teacher summarizes much about digital citizenship.

3. Another teacher "reflects" on digital literacy.

4. Here is a Ning with resources for educators on digital citizenship.

5. The ISTE standards (NETS-S [for students]) talk about digital citizenship. And the NETS-T for teachers give a little more detail about digital citizenship.

6. I-Safe factsheet from TxSSC (Texas School Safety Center). Check out the TxSSC for many more resources including the link to TEA's Internet safety page.

In your blog post briefly outline what your digital citizenship lesson might look like and why.


  1. Here's another article that was useful:

  2. I especially enjoyed the comments from the teacher who "reflects" on digital literacy. She says that if school districts continute to filter everything, then students will have to learn on their own how to handle unsafe sites from home. What is the consensus? Filter or don't filter? It reminds me a little of censorship.