Thing #8 Screencast

Screencasts allow you to record movements on your computer screen and voice over with instructions detailing what you are doing. Below are several websites that facilitate screencasting.

Create Simple & Useful Screencasts with ScreenCastle by gives a step by step description of how to use the free web-based ScreenCastle.

Jing is free software made by the folks that make Camtasia and Snagit. For Mac and PC.

LibrarianInBlack in a long post contained these comments: "He really plugged Wink as a screencasting tool; the output is a Flash file. He used CamStudio to do screen video capture"
Wink is download freeware.
CamStudio is free streaming video software. It is Open Source.

GoView "Its quick. Its easy. And its free." Or so says the website. Looks it.

Screencast-o-Matic - is a free online tool which lets you create recordings of your desktop with audio. Requires no download.

Freescreencast - simple with no downloads.

Further Investigations into Free Screencast Software an overview blog post with more examples.

Quick Tips for Improving Screencasts

Joy of Screencasting - a motivational post.

Think about letting your current group of students creating screencasts of how to use certain tools on the computer to have for your next group of students. What an investment that would be!

Explore several screencasting tools. Pick one and create a screen cast of a simple task on your computer that would be useful to have and send to others in lieu of showing them face-to-face. Then upload it to your blog and comment about the potential this tool has with your students.


  1. I created a screencast with Jing and was able to link it on my blog, The Forum, but was not able to embed it because I could not copy and paste the html from the "clipboard." Can someone advise?

  2. I am having trouble with Screencast. This isn't proving to be easy. I downloaded the Recorder, then attempted the also necessary Windows Media Encoder. This would not download because of Windows Logo testing failure, claiming the encoder incompatible with Windows XP. Windows is incompatible with Windows. I think I'm drowning and will search a lifeguard.

  3. Try using Screencast-o-Matic. It's my favorite. It's easy to use and no download or microphone needed. It works with your internal microphone in your computer. Good luck!

  4. Thank you, Amie, for the advice. This is how I have discovered that my java isn't working, which may explain why I'm also having trouble with virtual worlds.

  5. I agree with Screencast being easiest, but have you learned how to add graphics like pointers and circles that remain, not the circle that moves around with the cursor?